See Photos From The Scene of Kenyan Hotel Rerrorist Attack

15 people were killed when Islamist terrorists launched an attack on a luxury hotel in Kenya yesterday.

The terrorists fired shots as they barged into DusitD2 hotel complex in Nairobi on the afternoon of Tuesday, January 15, 2019. They were armed with bombs and guns.

The death toll is reported to be at 14. Eleven Kenyans, an American and a Briton were among the casualties, morgue staff said. Tje victims had not been identified.

It is feared that the death toll will rise once it is safe to go into the hotel.

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Kenyan authorities said yesterday that the situation had been brought under control and the scene secured. But first responders say gunshots were still heard at 4am (GMT) today. Blasts and shots had punctuated the night, making it hard to rescue scores of people trapped inside.

Photos from the scene below;

Kenyan hotel terrorist attack


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