Update! Kenya’s Deported Jesus Identity Revealed


Kenya’s Deported Jesus Identified After Been Deported From KenyaRecall that photos and videos showing a Caucasian man dressed as Jesus Christ have been widely shared on social media across Africa few days ago.

But who is the man and what was he doing?

The Caucasian man is a US preacher and actor called Michael Job, attending an interdenominational Christian event as a guest speaker.

Kenya Jesus

He lives in Orlando, Florida, where he has been playing Jesus at The Holy Land Experience theme park, which describes itself as “a living, biblical museum”.

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From a video he uploaded to his Facebook page over the weekend, Kenyan agricultural and furniture shops are visible – the same ones that are visible in the photos purporting to be taken in South Africa.

Kenya Jesus picture

Rumour has it, that this is not his first African tour, earlier this year he was in Togo, although photos he posted from there show him dressed less theatrically – in a suit.


Author: David

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