I Found Love 3 Times And Lost It 3 Times In 2019 – Alex Unusual

Former reality TV star Asogwa Alexandra Amuche Sandra, popularly known as Alex Unusual has reflected on her struggles in the year that is just about to end.

I found love 3 times and lost it 3 times in 2019 – Alex Unusual


The former BBNaija housemate in a long post spoke about how she struggled financially and emotionally in the year 2019 but has been able to overcome all of these and is ending the year on a good note.

According to Alex, she found love three times this year and was not able to keep any of the relationships alive.

She also confessed that there was a time in her life when all she had left in her account was N16,000 and was also suicidal at a point in the year.

She wrote:

“In a previous post, I asked that questions that needed answers be dropped and My oh my 😱!!!!! A lot of questions 😰,

“I didn’t know where to start typing from so I made a video answering it all 🤗. To be dropped soon. #atmytime …………….

“By the way, I have a confession and as we round up the year let’s do something shall we? We’ll call it CONFESSIONS.

“What’s your confession for 2019….so I’ll start:

“My confession for 2019……….. 1: At some point, I had a lot going on, I got suicidal, the bad part about it was that I told no one.

“I only ran away. Thanks to God, I realized that wasn’t and will never be an option. #suicideisnottheanswer …………….

“2: At another point, something terrible happened and I was down to 16 thousand naira only. I thought my life was over but guess what,

“I survived, I never thought less of myself or took a wrong route to come out if it. I never accepted less and I moved forward. #fallandgetbackup

“3: I found love 3 times and lost it 3 times then I locked it up and threw the key away 😂. #lifeofalex …………..

“4: My vow to protect my happiness was one of my best decisions and it saved me. #itsaboutme …………, Few more confessions but I’ll save it for my book. 📚📖 What’s your confession?”

I found love 3 times and lost it 3 times in 2019 – Alex Unusual