Every Money Is Money – Shatta Bundle Supports Fraud And Money Rituals

Popular Ghanaian dwarf Shatta Bandle has advised his fans to make money through any means they see fit this year.

Every money is money – Shatta Bundle supports fraud and money rituals

The social media sensation stressed that no money is bad money so far as you are rich and have freedom.


Shatta bundle went further to say that people should heed not to critics but gather riches even if its’ through blood rituals or scamming innocent souls.

“Just make money and forget everybody. if you know you can make fraud money, make it. If you know you can make blood money, make it and forget everybody. Every money is money” He said.

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He also dragged along judgemental people and internet trolls who question the means at which people make their money, telling them to concentrate on coming out of their poverty.

“Don’t sit there and mention people’s money fraud and blood money what about your poverty?” Shatta Bundle questioned.


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