A happy relationship between a man and a woman is the result of constant work, joint development, and compromises. Women are willing to do a lot for relationships, but sometimes they leave even the most beloved men. The reasons may be many. Let’s get rid of the most common ones! 1. Boredom Women are emotional […]

Some people believe that being faithful is difficult especially when two lovers are so far apart. They feel maintaining communication might become increasingly difficult and as the relationship lasts longer, insecurities might arise because one person is not around to see what the other is doing. But the truth is long distance relationships can work. […]

Watermelon is an extremely popular fruit. While we all enjoy eating this sweet refreshing fruit, we usually discard the tiny seeds scattered in it without realising or rather knowing of their health benefits. These seeds are loaded with nutrients including fatty acids, essential proteins and lots of minerals. These seeds are rich in vitamin B […]

How To Lose Weight Effectively And Fast Many people have various reasons for trying to lose weight. Some do it to stay healthy, and others do it for not health purposes. The weight loss journey involves determination and hardwork. It’s not just about eating one meal a day or starving yourself all in the name […]

If you want to run or establish your own business and you do not have proper guidelines and decision-making power for it then you can get help from this article. It will help to provide you with a proper and secure business plan or strategy on the base of your requirements and business needs as […]

There’s no doubt chasing after a girl you like can be pretty worrisome, knowing it’s either a hit or a miss. But before you kill all your hopes you have of winning Cinderella over, you need to get your mindset in order and take her like a human that she is, and not a goddess. […]

The success of a relationship depends on how you handle it. Sometimes, we blame our partners if the relationship does not work out without thinking of what the problem could be and how you have contributed to the relationship either positively or negatively. If you have been doing these common relationship mistakes below, then you […]

Cucumbers are extremely beneficial for overall health, especially during hot weather since they are mostly made of water and important nutrients that are essential for the human body. The flesh of cucumbers is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and folic acid, while the hard skin is rich in fibre and a range of minerals […]

Former BBNaija housemate, Gifty Powers is kicking against the use of Tampons during the menstrual flow of ladies. According to her, its better to use sanitary pads. Gifty Powers wrote; “People using Tampons should stop it immediately. It’s risky because the remaining thread might enter inside your pu**y during dancing or exercising or doing any […]

In case you didn’t know, what you put in your mouth can affect your vagina. Food is one of the basic human wants and it serves to nourish your entire body, vagina included. Some foods have an adverse effect on your vagina; they affect the smell, taste and flora of your vagina. Here are some […]

A Nigerian man took to popular networking platform, Twitter to reveal how one can get his\her money back from online fraudsters popularly known as Yahoo Yahoo in Nigeria. According to the man, identified as ‏‏The Morris Monye Factor, banks now have a fraud desk where such complaints are laid as mandated by the Central Bank […]