21-year-old lady Have sex with 12-year-old boy, gave him herpes (Video)

21-year-old lady have sex with 12-year-old boy, gave him herpes

A 21-year-old lady had sex with her friend’s 12-year-old cousin and infected him with herpes.

The 21-year-old lady claims the 12-year-old boy came on to her for sex but she had earlier sent him a text that read, “i need to borrow his dick.”


Her disappointed friend asked her even if he came on to you, why didn’t you stop him.

The lady was said to have been accommodated by the boy’s mother (Her friend’s sister) in her home where she took advantage of the boy and had sex with him.

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The lady actually made a sex video with the 12-year-old boy and shared it to other friends. She allegedly made him have oral sex with her.

Watch the video below;