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10 Things Most Girls Crave In A Guy

Posted by on July 14th, 2019

Things Most Girls Crave In A Guy

There’s no doubt chasing after a girl you like can be pretty worrisome, knowing it’s either a hit or a miss.

But before you kill all your hopes you have of winning Cinderella over, you need to get your mindset in order and take her like a human that she is, and not a goddess.

Next, you need to prepare yourself for her assessment. That’s where these quick tips should come in handy.

1. Your sense of dressing

The saying how you are dressed is how you will be addressed is not limited to a few clichés. Girls/Ladies/Women love well dressed guys. If your dressing resonates an aurora of $$, you wouldn’t need to do much talking before she gives you the Yes! 

2. Your confidence must radiate

You can’t just walk up to a lady all panicky and expect a Yes at the end of your shaky recital? Girls love confident guys who know their onions. You must be radiating confidence. The watch word of course is ‘Confidence’, not cockiness. Even if you are shy, you should try to suppress the ‘over excitedness’ which ignites the feeling.

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3. Never-give-up guys

Every girl loves to be pursued and wooed by a  huge determinant man. It makes her feel rather special and important, you know, like the demi-god she feels she is. Caress her egos; give her a good chase, even when she teases you. You’ll be surprised how deeply she’ll fall for you after the ‘hot pursuit’; I ain’t talking need for speed though.

4. Money talks

You probably must have heard this, but blatantly dismissed it right? Well, money talks. Little wonder there are sugar daddies all around? While not all girls are easily influenced by affluent men, a vast majority still do.

5. The man with dreams

While there are girls who prefer already made men, some girls will stick to you even if you have nothing but dreams. If you are driven and motivated to achieve your dreams, even if you are not currently standing upright financially, you will be surprised at the positive response you will be get from some girls.

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6. Got ego

We are not saying you should be your overly egoistic, on the contrary, be modest, but have self respect. Don’t stoop so low as to be tossed around by other men or women.

7. Wit and charm

Cheerful guys are always a step higher in the hierarchy of women. Be one with a difference. Be that guy who’s cheerful and smart at the right time. You are not performing a stand up comedy show, so you don’t need to be a clown to be witty; you just need to be sharp and clever.

8. Adventurous

Girls like guys who can tell them interesting stories about things they’ve done and seen, and many girls will enjoy getting to experience these things with you. By doing lots of things you’ll be enriching yourself as a person, learning new skills and information and the kinds of things you do and don’t like.

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9. Don’t be misogynistic or sexist

Women find it unappealing when men are bitter or look down on women. This applies whether it’s a personal comment about her, other women you’ve dated, or women in general. No one is going to want to spend time around someone who treats them disrespectfully and unkindly.

10. Respect her boundaries

There may be times when the girl you like expresses that she doesn’t want to do something, like talk about a sensitive subject (ex: a family member’s mental illness) or having sex. It’s very important that you respect her if she says no and don’t try to force her to do something that she isn’t ready to, whether this is talking or acting.


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